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About Us.

We provide dependable and reliable music solutions for clubs and bars with an emphasis on keeping the mood lively and positive.

We work with Djs who mix where it adds value, let the song play out when it should, mix for continuity and evade monotony.

We play in time with intelligent key changes that create tidy passages of music.

Live - we play underneath the conversation to get people talking and we play up and over the top when the dance floor starts moving.

Our sets work well in restaurants & intimate venues and we’ll break the music down into acoustic pieces for dining.

We drift our sets back to beats to keep patrons staying that little longer when food service finishes and bars reopen between meals.

If your crowd is looking for a reason to stay then we’re here to help them find an excuse.

Contact us to book an event or send us your mixtape if you want to be part of the team.

Runsheet development and performance co-ordination requests are also welcomed so please use our General Enquiries form if you'd like us to give you a call.


// deep house // pop // electo // tropical
// lazy djs | dependable & reliable support for venues and events

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We understand that businesses are often complex and require confidentiality and domain knowledge. We listen and endeavour to understand your position and can adapt our approach and offerings to your needs and goals.
Information that you provide via this site or face-to-face is treated as commercial in confidence. We don't send promotional emails and we don't on sell or distribute any data provided to us.